Friday, May 19, 2023

Circumstances May Change But Prepping Remains the Same

I haven't been particularly active on this blog for a while.  It's going on two decades since this blog started and at this point, I feel like I sound like a broken record.  No matter the current TEOTWAWKI situation (climate change here, a debt ceiling there, disasters happening all around), the basics of preparedness will never change...

  • live below your means
  • be debt free
  • have a stockpile of money, food, and resources
  • have multiple sources of water, power, and food
  • stockpile knowledge
  • be situationally aware, but don't panic over every disaster-mongering news broadcast, prepper video, or click-baity blog post
  • be in excellent physical (and mental) health
  • teach and help others when possible
  • if you choose to have firearms, be trained and be safe with them
  • set a good example and raise your kids right
  • do your own research
  • protect your privacy
  • practice simple living and minimalism
  • have multiple sources of income
  • stay away from the legal system--and all other government systems for that matter--as much as possible
  • be prepared to bug out
  • be equally prepared to bug in
  • be resourceful, clever, creative, inventive, and quick-witted 

...I believe that about covers it...


  1. I check your blog for new material several times a week as I'm aware you don't publish daily.
    Repetition is not bad. I read and evaluate how I am doing in the prepping part and I've been prepping for over 40 years.
    Your recent 4-part series of 100 Privacy tips was/is well thought out and worth reviewing regularly.
    Thanks for keeping a blog that doesn't require a lot of reading and is still informative.
    Best wishes!

  2. I read and check your blog about once a week and follow any links to read further. On the 5th point, don't just stockpile information, share that information as in the 8th point as much as possible. Always be up for learning different ways to achieve your goals. 30 years ago, no one was thinking about having a freeze dryer as part of your home prep equipment, now it's a hotly debated topic.