Thursday, March 9, 2023

100 Privacy Tips (Part 3 of 4)

Moving right along...

51.  Clear up any legal/financial problems so you will not be encumbered by the legal/court system (also consider expunging or sealing your records if this is needed/possible).

52.  Do not rely on any government assistance programs.

53.  For even more privacy, consider renting a home which includes all utilities "off the books".

54.  Own a pre-1990's vehicle which doesn't have a "black box", On-Star, etc.

55.  Do not drive a company/commercial vehicle (examples why here and here).

56.  Be aware that the dashcam you use to protect you is also recording everything you do and say.

57.  Also be aware that when you call 911 you are being recorded (even before the 911 operator answers).

58.  Avoid CCTV/facial recognition cameras by wearing a hat, sunglasses, and mask when you are out in public (which isn't nearly as unusual post-pandemic as it was pre-pandemic). 

59.  Develop a wide skill set that would allow you to work "off the books."

60.  Go backpacking in a remote area for a couple of weeks (this may drop you totally off the grid if you do not bring any electronic devices with you).

61.  Use a notebook and pen for taking notes as digital notes can be compromised.

62.  Scrub your metadata from photos and email headers.

63.  Use non-digital home security options to safeguard your home.

64.  Learn how pre-digital surveillance societies did things (examples here, here, and here).

65.  Engineer a "normal life" and a separate "private" life.

66.  Improve your health and fitness to the point you don't need ongoing prescription medicines, ongoing medical monitoring, etc. 

67.  If you need another reason to avoid social media, realize that these services can and do share your most personal data (examples here and here).

68.  Become aware of old fashioned spy-craft skills.

69.  Learn how to avoid online scams and phishing attacks.

70.  Use items that can not be digitally tracked (old fashioned alarm clocks, "dumb" TVs, non-digital cameras, etc).

71.  Become familiar with Tor, Tails, and the Dark Web.

72.  Realize that the most mundane appliances can be used to track you (example here).

73.  Continually update your knowledge of surveillance self defense.  Also this.

74.  Learn about OSINT techniques then use these research skills on yourself so you will learn what modifications you need to make to enhance your privacy.

75.  Also, regularly Google 'how to protect my privacy' for new and updated techniques to use.



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