Tuesday, March 7, 2023

100 Privacy Tips (Part 2 of 4)

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26.  Shop thrift stores, garage sales, swap meets, etc where you pay cash for what you buy and there is no log of your transactions.

27.  Don't use store apps when shopping (don't even keep these apps on your cell phone) so your purchases won't be tracked.

28.  If you must buy online, shop directly through store websites instead of buying on Amazon.

29.  Consider concealing your voting information (this varies by state).

30.  Crosscut shred all documents with your personal information on them.

31.  Remove your personal information from people finder sites.

32.  Take your cyber security seriously (here's how).

33.  Consider using crypto for private financial transactions.

34.  Consider using your passport for definitive ID instead of you driver's license (your passport does not have your address on it like your license does).

35.  Consider being unbanked or underbanked.

36.  Consider getting a second passport.

37.  Consider getting your medical/dental/mental health care outside of the US.

38.  Learn how to barter.

39.  Live off the grid.

40.  Grow your own food.

41.  Don't have a conventional home camera security system in your home.

42.  Do not have any smart appliances in your home.

43.  Live with a simple living/minimalist/buy-it-for-life mindset.

44.  Learn about ghost guns.

45.  Have lots of non-digital entertainment options (board games, hobbies like sewing and knitting, fishing gear, etc).

46.  Do not use commercial (or any) DNA testing services.

47.  Be a gray man.

48.  Use a faraday bag when necessary.

49.  Use maps/an atlas when traveling instead of a GPS device.

50.  Be completely debt free.

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