Saturday, February 4, 2023

10 Common Prepper Scenarios

While many people prepare for TOTWAWKI (the end of the world as we know it), in actual day-to-day life, your preparedness scenarios are going to be pretty common things that happen to a lot of people but which many people don't prepare ahead for.  Of course you, because you are interested in preparedness, are ready to deal with these common problems including...

  1. Today a train derailment sparked a massive fire.  What you do: have your bug out bag ready so you can evacuate at a moment's notice.
  2. Attacks on substations seem to be ramping up.  What you do: have multiple methods to power your house (and test these methods before you need them).
  3. Today it is cold AF across the northeast.  What you do: prepare way before cooler fall weather hits so in the midst of winter, you will be prepared for any freak cold snaps.
  4. A guy fell off a cliff and died while filming a TikTok video.  What you do: situational awareness and spatial awareness are your top priorities always.  Also, you pretty much eschew social media.
  5. The Tyre Nichols case has been all over the news recently.  What you do: you are obviously aware that police brutality can be an issue but common sense and courtesy will get you safely out of most situations.
  6. Road rage cases are also on the rise and in the news on pretty much a daily basis.  What you do: deescalate and/or avoid road rage incidents which could end with fatal results.
  7. Ditto "self defense" claims that clearly aren't self defense situations.  What you do: as a responsible gun owner, you do what you can to avoid using your firearm unless absolutely necessary (and you make sure you have an iron-clad self defense case lest you spend the next several years of your life in court and/or in prison).
  8. More than half the American population can't cover a $1000 expense with savings.  What you do: as a responsible prepper, you ALWAYS have an emergency fund
  9. In another survey, it seems that many young people lack basic home maintenance skills which were common for kids to learn in generations past.  What you do: learning basic home maintenance skills can be as easy as watching some YouTube videos and a bit of practice.  Needless to say, these sorts of skills can be used in everyday life and in emergency situations.
  10. I probably don't need to to anyone at this point that food prices have gone crazy.  What you do: as preppers, food security is often our top priority.

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