Saturday, May 7, 2022

The Biggest Threat to Your Privacy and Safety May Be Your Cell Phone

For a while during covid, the tin-foil hat types were convinced that covid vaccines were a surreptitious way install microchips into each person on the planet in order to track them.  Who knows if this is possible/was done but I don't think it is even necessary since nearly every person in the world now has a cell phone which has basically become an appendage.  The vast majority of people wouldn't think of being more than a few feet away from their cell phones at all times so what better way to track people than via their phones?  Numerous criminals have been tracked down via their phones either by geofencing a crime scene or tracking specific phones to the point that many criminal investigations now begin and end with cell phone-related analysis.  Here are some things to consider when using your cell phones for your privacy and safety:

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