Tuesday, January 4, 2022

10 Things to Add to Your 2022 Calendar

In no particular order...

  1. A 'Defeat the Mandates' Rally will be held in Washington DC on January 23.
  2. Here's a list of Free Entrance Days for the National Parks in 2022.
  3. Here are several ways to get discounted National Park Passes.
  4. This is a new program for cheaper internet for low-income Americans.
  5. Here is FEMA's 2022 Preparedness Calendar.
  6. Check out these 2022 Disaster and Preparedness Conferences here, here, and here.
  7. Plan your running/walking/triathlon/ultramarathon events for 2022 here.
  8. Need training?  Many schools/organizations have released their 2022 schedules (examples here, here, and here).
  9. For people who want to do some independent study on a variety of useful disaster/survival topics consider these options: FEMA training, Open Courseware, and get a library card from your local library (many offer free e-books, free movies and music to download, etc).
  10. Other things: register to vote so you can vote in the midterms, take a CERT class, get your HAM license, volunteer somewhere like with your local SAR or as a rural EMT.

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