Sunday, June 20, 2021

100 Ways to Be Ahead of the Crowd in a SHTF Situation (Part 9 of 10)

Sometimes you need to take your preps to the extreme...

81.  Consider obtaining dual citizenship in another country.  If all else fails and you need to leave your country, where else would you (legally) be able to go?  If you have a secondary citizenship in another country (and you are able to travel there) you will be miles ahead of the refugee hoards.  There are several websites like this one that explain how to do this.

82.  Also consider just buying property and building a second home in another country.  Note that this is fraught with complications so YMMV.  Here is an overview of the process.  Also note that your ability to travel there and remain there for any length of time can change depending on several things including travel restrictions due to the pandemic, the current political situation, the current level of geniality between your current country and your destination country, etc.

83.  If you want to stay closer to home, consider buying a home/land in a location away from your current home to use as a bug out location.  This can range from basic (an acre deep in the woods where you could camp) to extravagant (an entire second home on property a good distance from where you usually live).  As per usual, there are several things to consider when you do this including your ability to get to the property when TSHTF, the initial cost to purchase the home/land, maintenance and upkeep, keeping squatters out, etc.

84.  A happy medium might be purchasing a van or travel trailer to use as your bug out vehicle/shelter in the event of a SHTF situation.  There are literally millions of videos on YouTube that show how to do this.  Some people make a simple build in a minivan and call it good, while others build out Ram ProMasters with everything they would need to shelter in their vehicle for days or even weeks/month/years.  Again, you will have to look at the feasibility of doing this when it comes to cost, storage of the vehicle, places you could bug out to in your vehicle (thinking you can just park "out in the woods" isn't good planning as people often own property out in the woods are aren't all that happy to see refugees setting up shop on their land).

85. Become a ghost.  On the flip side are people who decide to basically be untracable.  Their only ID may be a passport, their address may be a mail forwarder, they own no property, no vehicle, in fact they may only own what they can carry in a backpack.  Yes this looks a lot like being homeless but they do this intentionally for many different reasons (examples here, here, here, here, and here).

86. Another alternative may be to become a digital nomad.  While not completely off the grid, these people choose a life of permanent travel while working remotely.  They may set up a "home" of sorts in hotels/hostels/Air BnBs/friend's homes/while housesitting/etc. so that they can be mobile while earning enough to support themselves along the way.  On the one hand, this lifestyle offers less stability (many were left scrambling when everything suddenly shut down due to the pandemic), on the other hand this is a great way to not be tied to one area (hurricane season coming up, change locations.  Winter is coming, move to a warmer area.  Civil unrest has become a daily occurrence where you live, leave.)  There are a bazillion videos on this topic on YouTube.

87. Do you have the means to exit the country in an emergency?  Are you prepared to do this by legal means (with a passport and if necessary visas, with an expensive plane ticket, etc) and by less than legal means (do you have a pilot's license and a small plane, do you have a boat and experience boating in the ocean, do you live on the border where you could walk into another country if necessary)?  The worst thing to be in a disaster is a refugee, on the other hand, I've never met a refugee who planned to become one but due to war/famine/political coup/etc they were forced into the situation.

88. Diversify your money.  This means having a variety of currency not just a stack of dollars.  Having cash, credit cards, an investment portfolio, and good credit so you could get a loan is a good prep but you also need things to barter (guns, ammo, food, tools, etc), some cryptocurrency, some foreign currency on hand, some gold, some silver, and a shit ton of useful skills you can trade.  All of these items have positives and negatives so in order to not "have all of your eggs in one basket", diversify, diversify, diversify!

89. Kick bad habits.  Bad habits are just that, bad for you, bad for your health, bad for your safety and security, bad for your finances, etc.  Smoking three packs a day will cost a fortune and ruin your health, so stop (yes, much easier said than done).  Ditto drinking, drug use, spending yourself into debt, and other sorts of addictions.  By breaking these bad habits you will be healthier, wealthier, and in a much better position to respond to whatever SHTF situation that arises.

90.  Adjust your mindset.  Again, easier said than done, but most people are on auto-pilot most of their lives.  Every day is pretty much the same so their awareness level is low, their ability to respond to a dangerous situation quickly is not that quick, and their willingness to change their lives due to current circumstances in nearly non-existent without significant force.  Improve your awareness, response, and reaction skills daily. 

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