Saturday, April 3, 2021

20 Items to Keep You on the Down Low

Need to keep a lower than low profile?  Here are some items to help you...

  1. Cash.  Cash that you carry with you, cash that you keep as an emergency fund at home, cash that you pay for things you don't want traced back to has many "grey man" uses.
  2. Prepaid visa cards.  Of course you would purchase these with cash then use them as needed to make in-person and online purchases that you don't want traced back to you.
  3. Prepaid gift cards.  Ditto.  These are quite useful for things like gas stations, Starbucks, Subway, etc.
  4. Private mail box/remailer service.  PMBs are a bit more flexible than post office boxes (these places usually hold packages and forward your mail among other services) and while they require your actual address during sign up, if you were to move after setting up service...
  5. Safe deposit boxes.  These are a good place to store important documents and valuable items.
  6. A burner phone with a prepaid service plan.  Paid for in cash of course.
  7. A VPN.  Some of these are more secure than others when it comes to covering your access to the internet.
  8. Having the Tor browser on a thumb drive.  This is a more secure way to access the internet than normal.
  9. Keeping your files on an encrypted thumb drive.  IMHO a better option than keeping your files on a computer or in the cloud.
  10. A Breitling emergency locator watch.  Expensive but a favorite of aviators and others who may need to signal for help.
  11. Firearms purchased through private parties that aren't registered in your name.  The legality of this varies by state.
  12. Dual citizenship/second passport.  The Nomad Capitalist covers the hows and whys of this in several of his videos.
  13. An air gapped computer.  A good way to secure your computer from intrusion.
  14. A bug out vehicle.  By avoiding highways and traveling on rural roads where there is less chance of surveillance, and with a properly outfitted vehicle, you could live off-grid for a good bit of time.
  15. Social media/email/website using an alias.  For obvious reasons.
  16. An EDC bag.  A properly outfitted everyday carry bag will go a long way towards equipping you for everyday challenges up to and including a full bug-out scenario.
  17. A bug out bag.  More comprehensive than an EDC bag, a fully outfitted bug out bag will provide everything you need for long-term survival when you have to pick up and leave in a hurry.
  18. Caches.  Depending on what you need and where you need it, leaving caches in various locations is a good way to re-equip yourself when needed.
  19. Micro SD cards/readers.  The best way to save, transfer, and read files is with these very tiny (and easily hideable) memory cards and appropriate readers (micro sd to type c/type a readers allow easy compatibility with my laptop, phone, and tablet).
  20. Assorted disguises.  These can be as simple as carrying a reversible jacket, a baseball cap, glasses, a scarf, etc.

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