Tuesday, January 19, 2021

Inauguration Day Preps

Hopefully tomorrow's presidential inauguration goes peacefully but with everything that has happened over the past weeks--and years for that matter--it's anyone's guess how things will turn out tomorrow.  

Some preps to consider...

  • Top off your vehicle's gas tank
  • Download all of your financial documents from your financial institutions
  • Download movies and books you would want to have available should the power/internet shut down
  • Back up all of you computer files
  • Have cash on hand in case ATMs go down
  • Consider staying home tomorrow until you see how things shake out
  • If you must be out and about, take adequate precautions
  • Know your rights
  • Top off your food and supplies if needed (particularly produce and other perishables)
  • Be aware of what is happening via the media/social media but don't take everything you learn from these sources as gospel (there will probably be a lot of misinformation spread around this event)
  • Review your bug out bag and ensure it is ready to go if necessary
  • Be prepared to defend yourself if trouble comes to you (obviously don't go looking for trouble)
  • Make any last-minute preps for those in your care (babies and children, the elderly, the ill or infirm, pets, etc)
  • Make a plan if family members will be in different places tomorrow (communications, evacuation, etc)
  • Make a quick review of your home security systems (cameras, putting valuables away in a hidden safe, etc)
  • Go grey man--don't dress flashy, don't stand out in the crowd, don't partake in seditious or violent activities, don't argue with people over politics or other high-tension topics (you won't change their mind and it is a waste of your energy to do so), etc.

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