Thursday, January 7, 2021

20 YouTube Channels to Check Out

Now that things in DC have chilled out a bit, we will move along to other prepping topics.  Here are 20 YouTube channels that preppers should check out:

  1. Kit Badger (all things guns)
  2. Cheap RV Living (alternative living options)
  3. Warrior Poet Society (preparedness, guns, military)
  4. Bushradical (rural living skills)
  5. Canadian Prepper (preparedness)
  6. Provident Prepper (preparedness)
  7. Vigilance Elite (preparedness, guns, military)
  8. HoboTech (off-grid tech)
  9. The Urban Prepper (preparedness)
  10. Fieldcraft Survival (preparedness)
  11. Sensible Prepper (preparedness)
  12. Fy Nyth (off-grid living)
  13. Nomad Capitalist (expat stuff)
  14. Scottie's Tech Info (technology)
  15. Modern Rogue (survival, preparedness)
  16. Prep Medic (tactical medicine)
  17. MedWild (wilderness medicine)
  18. Darwin on the Trail (backpacking)
  19. Homemade Wanderlust (backpacking)
  20. Survival Dispatch (survival, preparedness)

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