Friday, August 14, 2020

5 Things to Prepare for Now

2020 isn't over yet and if there is anything we have learned from this year so far, it is to be prepared--even more prepared than usual.  It's also been a pretty crappy year and the crappiness seems like it is set to continue.  Here are five things to be prepared for in the coming months:

  1. Winter storms.  It isn't if but when winter storms will pummel most of the country.  The east coast got a preview of what can happen recently when a powerful storm hit and took out power for millions for days on end.
  2. Civil unrest.  Again, we got a preview of what could happen with all of the BLM protests and take-overs of sections of cities during the past couple months.  With the elections coming up, plan on fairly dramatic civil unrest events no matter who wins the election.
  3. Illness.  Covid is already here and doesn't look like it will be going away for a while; add the upcoming flu season on top of the coronavirus and things could go to hell in a handbasket fairly quickly.
  4. Poverty + mass evictions + food shortages + mass job losses.  With eviction moratoriums ending soon, state and federal government which isn't providing adequate financial support to its citizens, many many people with no jobs to go back to, and rumbles of food shortages...this fall may culminate in misery for many.  Prepare accordingly.
  5. A noticeable lack of services usually provided by your state's government.  School--and its funding--is already up in the air due to covid, many state unemployment systems are running out of funds, defunding police either due to lack of money or lack of political will to, you know, fund a very necessary service...and the term "fend for yourself" may develop a whole new meaning over the next several months.  Again, prepare accordingly.

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