Monday, May 18, 2020

100 Self-Sufficiency Skills

You probably have plenty of time these days to learn more ways to be self reliant, not to mention the impetus to do so in light of our current pandemic situation.  Here are some skills to learn:
  1. Cooking
  2. Baking 
  3. How to make bread starting only with wheat berries (this includes making your own yeast)
  4. Food preservation (canning, drying, pickling, smoking, etc)
  5. How to make your own power (simple solar set ups are a good start)
  6. Sewing and mending
  7. Shooting and firearm skills
  8. Basic plumbing skills
  9. Basic carpentry skills
  10. Basic electrician skills
  11. Basic home maintenance and appliance repair
  12. Orienteering and land navigation skills
  13. Gardening/composting/seed saving
  14. Home healthcare skills
  15. First aid/CPR/AED use/advanced first aid
  16. How to ride and maintain a bicycle
  17. How to walk long distances
  18. Self care (hair cutting, manicure, foot care, skin care, etc)
  19. Foraging
  20. Water sourcing and purifying
  21. Stealth travel skills
  22. Outdoor survival skills (camping, backpacking, overland travel, etc)
  23. Hunting
  24. Fishing
  25. Animal husbandry
  26. Butchering/tanning
  27. Bartering
  28. How to live without electricity
  29. Alternate communication skills (ie: HAM radio)
  30. Wine making/beer making
  31. Growing and using edible and medicinal herbs
  32. Soap making
  33. Washing and drying clothes by hand
  34. Cheese making
  35. Beekeeping
  36. Candle making
  37. How to make furniture
  38. How to stockpile, rotate, and use food stores
  39. Personal self defense skills (Krav Maga, karate, etc)
  40. Home safety and security
  41. Developing multiple income sources
  42. How to live within your means
  43. Vehicle maintenance skills
  44. Weaving/knitting/crocheting
  45. Blacksmithing/knife making/welding
  46. Masonry
  47. Archery
  48. Waste management (human waste, garbage)
  49. Skills you usually pay others for (yard work, pest control, pool maintenance, etc)
  50. Fire making (how to make a fire, find wood, use it for heating and cooking, etc)
  51. Shelter making (how to build a variety of temporary and permanent shelters)
  52. Childcare and child development
  53. Homeschooling skills
  54. Computer set up and maintenance/how to fix computer problems
  55. Internet access and safety skills/basic coding and programming/using tech effectively
  56. How to do daily tasks online (paying bills, banking, work and meetings, school, etc)
  57. How to entertain yourself and the family without electricity or outside resources
  58. How to play games (card games, chess, etc)
  59. Leadership skills/teamworking skills
  60. Minimalism/simple living skills
  61. Logistics and acquisitions (multiple ways to acquire the things you need)
  62. How to drive various vehicles (motorcycle, car, truck, heavy equipment, etc)
  63. Boating skills (kayak, canoe, power boat, etc)/water navigation
  64. How to swim
  65. How to predict the weather
  66. How to stay warm in cold climates and cool in hot climates (without electricity)
  67. Artistic skills (drawing, painting, etc)
  68. Musical skills (how to play an instrument)
  69. How to speak a foreign language (most common ones in your area)
  70. Health improvement skills (exercise, nutrition)
  71. Specialized skills (rock climbing, mountain climbing, how to fly a plane, scuba diving, etc)
  72. Wilderness search and rescue skills/urban search and rescue skills
  73. Life guarding skills/water rescue
  74. Homestead management (garden rotation, woodlot maintenance, record keeping)
  75. How to scavenge/dumpster diving
  76. Budgeting/money management skills
  77. How to clean (general house cleaning, cleaning up after a disaster, etc)
  78. How to grow, harvest, and mill your own grain
  79. How to cook over a fire/on a wood stove/in a Dutch oven
  80. Tool maintenance (sharpen a knife, replace handles, tune up lawn mower, etc)
  81. How to grow food year round (green house, cold frame, etc)
  82. Escape and evasion skills
  83. How to prepare for natural disasters common to your area (hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes, etc)
  84. Urban survival skills (blending in, escaping crowds, etc)
  85. Basic science knowledge (biology, chemistry, physics, etc)
  86. Lock picking skills
  87. How to use power tools (chainsaw, drill, grinder, circular saw, etc)
  88. Personal skills (critical thinking, planning, situational awareness, thinking outside the box, problem solving, etc)
  89. How to gather evaluate, and act on information from a variety of sources
  90. How to survive/travel in extreme conditions (desert, snow, jungle, etc)
  91. Mental resiliency skills (anxiety control, confidence, attention control, attitude, etc)
  92. How to bug in/bug out depending on the situation
  93. How to develop resources to help in a disaster (financial resources, physical resources, people resources, etc)
  94. How to access public resources if needed (food bank, public transit, disaster shelters, etc)
  95. How to dig a well/how to dig a latrine
  96. How to make your favorite restaurant food (copy cat recipes are all over the internet for this)
  97. How to spend quiet time alone
  98. "Zero waste" skills
  99. How to make everything in your refrigerator from scratch (ketchup, mayo, yogurt, butter, salad dressings, etc).
  100. How to make/"MacGyver" anything you need (make a ladder, make rope, 3D print parts, etc).

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