Friday, April 3, 2020

You Need to Be the Grayest of Gray Men These Days

During a regular disaster, it pays to keep your head down and not draw attention to yourself.  This is called the Gray Man Theory and it makes sense as the biggest target, well, looks like a big target.  Now as the pandemic unfolds and people are going from slightly agitated to a world bordering on  dystopian insanity, there are quite a few examples of why you don't want anyone to know you are a prepper, to know that you have firearms, to know that you are financially more than comfortable even in the midst of a financial disaster, or to know that you are anything but the boring guy who lives down the street with a boring car in front of his boring house.  Nothing to see here folks, you can move along now. 

In case you have missed some of the lessons learned about espousing your two years of stockpiled food or the fact that you only go to work to keep yourself entertained, not because you need the money, consider these situations:

So keep your stuff hidden, your actions nondescript, your head down, and your mouth closed.

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