Wednesday, March 18, 2020

How Did They Do Things in the "Olden Days"?

Just a quick note that while you are locked down at home, you may want to read up on (and practice!) how they did things "in the olden days".  Literally look at every single item you have/use/need/rely on and figure out how you could make this product, or a reasonable facsimile, yourself.  Toothpaste, ketchup, alternatives for toilet paper...there are rumblings that while the government is saying 'don't worry our supply chain is strong', basic manufacturing may hit some stumbling blocks whether because raw materials are in short supply/unavailable or because manufacturing can't keep up with demand. 

When a doctor buddy said in frustration that he was "fixin to have my wife make some cloth face masks" because their hospitals have literally no more alternatives for acquiring actual N 95 masks...well, my first thought was 'can people do that?' (yes they can although if you start seeing cloth masks in a hospital situation you know we are well and truly screwed) and my second thought was 'how'?   I may be whipping out the sewing machine this week.

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