Tuesday, March 3, 2020

20 Resources for the Tennessee Tornado Situation

The Nashville area got hammered by tornadoes last night.  Hopefully if you are in the area, you and your family are safe.  Here are a bunch for resources for those in the area...

  1. Reddit has several subs posting updates on the situation including the Tennessee subreddit and the Nashville subreddit.
  2. There are also many updates being shared on Twitter.
  3. Tennessee Emergency Management is providing updates on their website.
  4. And Nashville's Office of Emergency Management page is providing response info as well.
  5. As is the Nashville city government's website.
  6. Here is how to help the victims of the tornadoes.
  7. This is the NWS tornado page.
  8. Here is how to document the tornado damage to your home.
  9. And here is FEMA's debris removal guidelines.
  10. Here is how to clean up after a tornado.
  11. For people in the area, you NEED a weather alert radio.
  12. And here is where to listen online to NOAA radio in Tennessee.
  13. Here is how to contact loved ones in a disaster area (Red Cross, Safe and Well, Facebook).
  14. There have been several emergency shelters opened for tornado victims in the middle Tennessee area.
  15. Local news coverage offers continual updates of where and how victims of the tornadoes can seek and/or provide help (examples here, here, and here).
  16. If you are in the area and were planning on voting today, here is updated information on that topic.
  17. This is CNN's live update page on the tornado situation in Tennessee.
  18. Here is information on how to apply for FEMA disaster assistance.
  19. This NERVE Map shows all kinds of emergency response information for the Nashville area on an interactive map.
  20. People with insurance questions about tornado damage can go here.

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