Monday, February 3, 2020

Which Online Services Can You Trust? Probably None of Them

Confidence in news and information sources has always been problematic.  It's anyone's guess if your local newspaper, TV news station, government, website, etc. is telling you information that is strictly accurate or information that is biased depending on the overall long game the source is willing to play.  If you think the online services you use on a daily basis are ethical/unbiased/accurate, guess again...

So the tldr of this post is that NO ONE has your best interest at heart (hopefully your spouse, family, and friends do but even that is iffy judging by this sub).  You must always do your own due diligence with independent research based on a variety of source--not the echo chamber that most social media has become--along with a healthy dose of sound judgement, logical evaluation, and a good bit of skepticism in order to determine what is true and factual and trustworthy versus what some random source wants you to believe.

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