Sunday, March 10, 2019

Daily Preparedness Tip: Buy a Weather Radio

There are a few things that EVERY house should have.  Aside from a sanitary water and sewer system which is a legal requirement in order to have a habitable house, everyone should have smoke detectors and a CO detector.  Most places mandate smoke detectors these days and legal mandates for CO detectors in homes are happening in more and more places, but there are no requirements that people in places prone to weather disasters like hurricanes and tornadoes have a weather radio.  So while having a weather radio is not a requirement anywhere that I know of, if you live in places prone to weather disasters where a notice via such a radio could save lives, you absolutely should have one in your house.  So put a weather radio at the top of your shopping list if you don't have one and if you know of someone who lives in a weather disaster-prone area and can't afford such a radio, consider giving them one as a gift.

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