Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Ask YouTube

Have a problem and need help?  Want to learn preparedness or survival skills?  Want to improve your job skills?  Have a question about, well, anything?  YouTube probably has the answers you are looking for.

Videos on YouTube are great for hands-on lessons on everything from making fixes and repairs to your vehicle or appliances, to learning more in-depth survival skills, to teaching you how to make a website for your business.  While YouTube can be a big time-sink if you fall down the rabbit hole of entertainment videos, the list of useful videos on the platform is pretty mind-boggling.

To date, I have used YouTube for everything from changing the air filters in my vehicle ($90 at the dealership, $10 if you buy the parts from Amazon and watch a video on how to open the filter covers) to fixing a microwave ($75 home visit by an appliance repair person or $3 for a fuse and a two minute video on how to replace it) to fixing a dryer (again, $75 for a home visit and estimate by a repair person before they give you a bill for the part and the repair vs $10 for the part and a quick video on how to access the service panel).  YouTube is also useful for previewing items you might want to buy online (I buy a lot of gear online but it is difficult to determine how items look/fit from a flat picture; video reviews on YouTube are much more useful) ditto tech reviews.

Finally, if you have no one to teach you preparedness skills, outdoor skills, etc., YouTube may be the answer (there's literally millions of videos on just these topics there).  Obviously some things are better learned from a skilled instructor (shooting, rock climbing, many medical skills...basically anything that could have a negative outcome without an in-person instructor) but there has never been a better time in history to go from totally clueless to reasonably skilled with just the click of a mouse.

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