Thursday, February 21, 2019

Snow In a City That Rarely Sees Snow

Las Vegas had it's first major snowfall in more than a decade today.  By New England standards it was less than impressive--an inch or two of snow in most places in the US wouldn't even be cause to look out the window--but here it closed every freeway in the region and brought some traffic to a standstill.  Then it melted.  Some tips for areas that rarely see snow:

  • You don't need to run out and stock up on food at the grocery store; the snow will probably be gone by dinner time.
  • Plan to stay inside if there is snow on the roads; people here don't drive well in the rain so driving near them in the snow is just asking for problems.  As stated above, snow on the road usually melts by early afternoon.
  • Your flight will probably be delayed or canceled; I don't think the local airports even have de-icing equipment.
  • Keep some cold weather gear on hand.  Even without snow, temps in the desert can get cold so down jackets, a hat, and gloves are always good to keep on hand.
  • If you will be traveling through the mountains to get to places like Vegas, be prepared for snow with chains and emergency equipment in your vehicle (some of the local mountains got more than a foot of snow within 24 hours).

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