Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Daily Preparedness Tip: Always Carry $200 Cash With You

As part of your preparedness habit--and as part of your EDC--get in the habit of always carrying cash with you.  $200 should suffice.  Why?  In case the ATMs in the city are down, you will still have cash.  In case the gas stations aren't accepting credit cards during a disaster, you will still have enough cash to buy a few tanks of gas to evacuate.  In case your kid or buddy is having an emergency and needs cash, you can just pull some cash out of your pocket and give it to them.  In case you get stuck with an unexpected restaurant bill, you will have cash to cover it.  In case a guy at the gun show has an unbelievably low price on bucket of ammo and he doesn't take credit cards, you will have cash to buy it.  You get the idea...

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