Sunday, February 10, 2019

100 Items for Your Bug Out Bag

It's time to revamp and review (or in the case of newbies, make) your Bug Out Bag.  A Bug Out Bag should be easily carried (not a 70l monstrosity), low profile (nothing that screams MIL-SPEC), and versatile (it can take you from an emergency hospital visit to a "get out of town forever" situation).  Here are 100 items you will want to consider adding to your BOB (note that any linked items are affiliate links and purchases made through the links support this blog).  Also note that this list assumes you are wearing a full set of clothes (good shoes, socks, pants, underwear, shirt, jacket) and that you will have in your pockets your wallet, keys, ID, cash, credit cards, watch, and cell phone:
  1. A backpack (example here).  
  2. Pack rain cover.
  3. Complete change of clothes (socks, underwear, pants, shirt, swimwear, sleepwear).
  4. Flip flops.
  5. Heavier jacket (down, fleece).
  6. Hat and gloves.
  7. Your laptop/charger and/or tablet/charger.
  8. Passport/important documents/additional cash.
  9. Business cards/contact info cards
  10. Prescription medications.
  11. Sunglasses.
  12. Charging cord for your cell phone.
  13. Personal items: denture stuff, hearing aids/batteries, prescription glasses, etc.
  14. Thumb drive (2).  One with all of your files backed up on it.
  15. Power bank.
  16. Hygiene kit.
  17. Dr Bonner's soap.
  18. Microfiber towel.
  19. Umbrella.
  20. Shemagh.
  21. Ultra sil daypack.  
  22. Contigo insulated bottle. 
  23. Nalgene water bottle.
  24. Ultra-sil rain poncho.  Can also double as a shelter.
  25. Down throws.  Sew two together and you have a MYOG sleeping bag.
  26. Headlamp.
  27. Flashlight.
  28. Matches.
  29. Lighter.
  30. Magnesium fire starter.
  31. Spork.
  32. Basic mess kit.
  33. Can opener.
  34. Camp stove/fuel.
  35. Pocket knife.
  36. Multi tool.
  37. Fixed blade knife.
  38. Knife sharpener.
  39. Fisher Space Pen.
  40. Rite in the Rain notebook.
  41. Sharpie.
  42. Mylar blanket.
  43. Paracord.
  44. Tyvek tarp.
  45. Glow sticks.
  46. Whistle.
  47. Compass.
  48. Maps.
  49. Antibacterial wipes.
  50. Toilet paper.
  51. Tissue packets.
  52. Folding trowel.
  53. Water purification tablets.
  54. Sawyer water filter.
  55. Bandannas (2).
  56. Small AM/FM radio.
  57. Spare batteries (for radio, headlamp, and flashlight).
  58. Work gloves.
  59. Rubberized work gloves.
  60. Pry bar.
  61. 4 n 1 emergency tool.
  62. Silcock key.
  63. Fresnel lens/magnifier.
  64. N95 masks.
  65. Fishing kit.
  66. Sewing kit.
  67. Mirror.
  68. Solar charger.
  69. Handwarmers.
  70. Candle.
  71. Duct tape.
  72. Ear plugs.
  73. Sunscreen.
  74. Head net.
  75. Goggles.
  76. Ziploc bags (asst sizes).
  77. Plastic trash bags (asst sizes).
  78. Zip ties (asst sizes)
  79. Bungie cords.
  80. First aid kit.
  81. Tourniquet.
  82. Quick clotting product.
  83. Tampons.
  84. Condoms.
  85. Leukotape.
  86. Moleskin.
  87. Acidophilous.
  88. Vitamins.
  89. Potassium iodide tablets.
  90. Bug repellent.
  91. Pepper spray.
  92. Bear spray.
  93. Portable HAM radio/charger.
  94. Binoculars.
  95. Food (granola bars, instant soup, jerky, nuts, dried fruit, dried fish, candy, etc),
  96. Beverage powder (coffee, tea, drink mix),
  97. Gun/holster/extra magazines/ammo.
  98. Burner cell with minutes (paid for in cash).
  99. Entertainment (books on Kindle app, downloaded movies, downloaded music).
  100. Currency (additional cash, gold/silver coins, jewelry, foreign currency, etc).

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