Saturday, February 23, 2019

10 Things to Know This Weekend

In no particular order...

  1. If you are active duty or retired military, here's a long list of discounts you can receive.
  2. An update on climate change.
  3. Did you know license plate readers are not always accurate?  I didn't know this.
  4. A 12 year old created nuclear fusion.  Um yikes.
  5. Have some spare time?  Here's hundreds of free FEMA classes.
  6. Someone in South Carolina may be holding an unclaimed $1.5 billion dollar lottery ticket.
  7. Beware romance scammers...and all scammer, really.  The scam in this article is unfortunately very very common.
  8. Samsung just introduced their newest cell phone, a folding communication device with a price tag of $2000(!).
  9. One reason I am not buying a cell phone in the near future--especially one that costs $2000, is because 5g is on the horizon which will necessitate a 5g phone.  So I will wait until the cool folding screen thing is figured out AND 5g is working well and then replace my trusty cell phone.
  10. I think "relentlessly automating" is going to be much more common in the near future.

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