Tuesday, February 19, 2019

10 Great Opportunities for Teens

Getting kids and teens interested in preparedness is good on several levels--it keeps them busy, it opens up internship/scholarship/job opportunities, and it gives them important skills that will serve them well throughout their life.  Here are some opportunities to consider:

  1. FEMA's Youth Preparedness Council is now accepting applications.
  2. Local Search and Rescue organizations often open their membership to teens as well as adults.
  3. The Thiel Fellowship pays young people $100,000 to go forth and create.
  4. Habitat for Humanity is a nation-wide organization that teaches volunteers how to build houses--a great skill for anyone to learn.
  5. For college-bound teens, these programs give students a jump on higher education.
  6. The Army National Guard has the Split Option Program which allows teens to get into boot camp during the summer after their junior year then continue their one weekend a month service during their senior year of high school.
  7. Scouting has always provided opportunities for students to learn new skills, work with others, and increase their responsibilities as they move through the program.
  8. In some areas (not all, it depends on what the state laws are where you live), teens can attend training and become an EMT.  This is a vital position that provides great training and nearly every jurisdiction is clamoring for volunteer EMTs.
  9. The government funds several programs for teens--from Job Corps and apprenticeship programs to special programs for poor and at-risk youth.
  10. Finally, for kids who want to attend college and not bankrupt themselves, have them start early applying for scholarships.  They might also want to consider applying to tuition-free universities, and also doig "running start" types of college programs which are free to participate in while the student is still in high school.

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