Wednesday, January 23, 2019

The Ongoing Saga of the Government Shutdown

I went to renew my HAM license today and...the page defaulted to an "FCC is shutdown" page.  Well this should be interesting.  So while I am a bit annoyed a this latest circumstance, it is nothing compared to the millions--many millions--of people affected by the government shutdown, everyone from federal employees to those who own or work in businesses that glean most of their income from government-employed folks.

While I have a nice collection of challenge coins, this is the first time in my life that I've see a government shutdown coin, complements of the Secret Service no less.  Fortunately I have no plans to fly in the next month or so but the situation at airports seems to be devolving into what could have disastrous implications.  And I can't even imagine how workers will survive if this shutdown continues for another month (many are already hustling to pay their bills but gig pay is nowhere near their government pay).  Our National Parks are a disaster and our economy has already taken a multi-billion dollar hit and we have no idea what will happen as tax filing starts next week.

So while the president and congress continue their pissing match, the people who are suffering the most are average workers.  And while economic news often revolves around the wealthy, our economy is actually built on average workers, when they pay their bills, when they buy things to make their homes and lives more comfortable, when they invest or save or spend depending on how they see their economic future.  Right now their economic future is looking bleak and it is only a matter of time until the waves of economic unrest impact all of us.

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