Sunday, January 13, 2019

Daily Preparedness Tip: Do a Media Fast

In the interest of your sanity, it pays to take 24-hour media fasts every once in a while (or every week if you really want to turn off the craziness that makes up our 24 hour-news cycles).  Wake up in the morning and don't check email, don't check social media, and don't turn on the news (leave the TV on PBS or HGTV all day if that's what it takes).  Don't read news sites, leave your cell phone to where you only hear if someone calls you (so maybe do this news fast on the weekend when you aren't expected to be available), and otherwise avoid all media of both the regular and social kind.  Better yet, head off into the mountains for the weekend and tune completely out.  You won't miss much and your mind will feel lighter and freer than it has in ages when you aren't consuming all of the "important stuff everyone needs to know right this minute" kind of garbage.

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