Friday, January 18, 2019

10 Reasons to Travel Overseas

42% of Americans have passports today which is a giant increase over the paltry 15% of Americans who had passports back in 1997.  That being said, more than half the people in this country never travel overseas which is a shame because there is a lot to be learned from doing so including...

  1. Learning how the foreign travel process works.  Customs, immigration, planning, etc. are all learned by actually doing.
  2. Forcing you to deal with a language you may not even understand (you learn quickly to get your point across whether you know the language or not in these cases).
  3. Seeing how other people do things.  When you never leave America, you think that the American way is the only way but you will see that people can live the most different lives and do things quite differently than you do but the result will often be the same or better than what you experience here.
  4. Seeing extremes you would never experience here.  Other countries have extreme wealth and extreme poverty and extreme social injustice and extreme differences of all kinds that you will never experience here.  It is rather eye-opening when you see poor in America compared to poor in a third-world country.
  5. Experiencing new foods.  Your prepper food stockpile can increase exponentially when you include foods from around the world and the best way to learn about these foods is by trying them made by the experts--people in foreign countries.
  6. Getting to know all kinds of people.  When you travel you meet the most amazing people.  Travelers, locals, cool people, unusual people, fun learn pretty quickly that people are pretty much the same the world over.
  7. Learning to overcome, adapt, and improvise.  Things don't always go smoothly while traveling but you figure things out along the way, often in ways you would have never thought possible.
  8. Learning about yourself.  You learn to deal with difficulties and disappointments and being lost and being tired and being hungry and being stranded...all good prepper skills.
  9. Breaking out of your rut.  Life sometimes becomes so routine that you could do entire days on autopilot.  This doesn't happen when you are exploring new places on a daily basis.
  10. Finally, you may find some possible bug-out locations in countries you've never thought of before.  In fact, some people even decide to retire (or at lest digitally nomad) overseas when they find they like the area and that their money will stretch much further in other countries.

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