Thursday, December 6, 2018

Starting Off the New Year on the Right Foot

Now, before the festivities of the holidays begin, is a great time to figure out your goals for 2019.  This will give you time to both set your goals and prepare for your goals so you are ready to begin on January 1st.  Here are some categories to consider:

  • Eliminate a vice (quit drinking, quit smoking, quit gambling, or anything else that is an impediment to your life).
  • Focus on your health (have a healthy breakfast at home everyday for a year instead of fast food, take your lunch to work everyday instead of hitting up restaurants).
  • Focus on your fitness (start karate lessons, sign up for a 5k in February then work out a bit every day so you will be ready for the race; if you are already a runner maybe sign up for your first ultra).
  • Start a new hobby (like USPSA shooting which is both fun as a hobby and useful to learn self defense).
  • Learn a new skill (orienteering, lock picking, RTL-SDR, etc).
  • Be better prepared (restock your BOB with higher quality gear, stockpile more food).
  • Set a big big goal (become an EMT and volunteer in your community, plan to hike the Pacific Crest Trail this summer).
  • Pay off a debt (pay off your credit cards from smallest to largest; check out Dave Ramsey for inspiration).
  • Improve your education (do a coding bootcamp, take a college class, get into an apprenticeship program).
  • Get more sources of income (find more clients, freelancing, teach a class at a local college).
  • Become a better parent (find a hobby that you and your kid(s) can do together on a weekly basis).
  • Become a better spouse (set up a weekly date night with the spouse or take up a hobby together).
  • Plan a big trip (international travel can be educational and informative, even if you just go to a nearby country).
  • Face a fear (go skydiving, self publish your novel).

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