Saturday, December 15, 2018

More Anti-Gun Propaganda

Gun deaths in America reach highest level in 40 years!!!! 

On the one hand, that may technically be true but it is very misleading propaganda when the actual body of the report shows that of the 39,773 gun deaths in 2017, 23,854 were suicide deaths in which a gun was used.  More than half of these gun deaths were suicides and the CDC, which analyzed the data and created this report, knows better than to lump all deaths by mechanism instead of analyzing these deaths by intent if they want to determine the best long-term prevention solutions.  Instead of campaigning for taking away guns from people, they would do better to figure out how to make people not want to kill themselves.

And if the CDC wanted to be really transparent and not skew their reports to side with gun grabbers, they would have also pointed out that in 2016, gun deaths were a mere fraction of the top two leading causes of death--heart disease (635,260) and cancer (598,038).  In other words, if they were really concerned with preventing deaths they would outlaw restaurants and junk food as well as require each American to exercise an hour or two each day which would dramatically cut heart disease and cancer deaths as well as several other leading causes of death.  There is also emerging research which shows that poor nutrition could be a causative factor in depression and other mental health issues which can impact suicide levels.

I am all for preventing suicide (cutting cancer and heart disease is also a good idea) but not at the risk of disarming law abiding Americans.

Remember..."It cannot be denied that gun control facilitated the disarming of political opponents and Jews in Nazi Germany and helped Hitler accomplish his horrific goals.  As for those who would register and disarm American citizens today, the history of Nazi Germany teaches a lesson that should never be forgotten."  Source

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