Friday, December 14, 2018

Are We Watching the Beginning of a Presidential Impeachment?

I don't remember the Nixon impeachment being all of the hullabaloo around Trump.  Who knows if he will actually be impeached but apparently he is concerned about such a possibility.  In fact one news headline specifically said "Trump is Toast".   And this political writer finds him to be the worst president in his lifetime.  Then there was the super secret squirrel "Mueller Mayhem" at a court in Washington DC this morning.  Politics have always been a contentious business but I don't remember it being such a shit show as we have seen in the past couple years.  You know things are bad when Chris Christie declines the Chief of Staff post.

State politics isn't much better.  And border politics is a hot mess too.  The markets aren't happy either,

So while us little people can do nothing about politics on a national level (but always vote of course), the only thing you can really do is take care of yourself.  Take care of your money, your home, your family, and be prepared for anything because quite literally, anything could happen. 

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  1. If we are, a whole lot of bagel-munching bol$hevik$ like Bloomberg, and oy-veying oligarch$ like your buddy Comrade $oros, are likely to find out what the business-dealing end of a Predator drone looks like.