Sunday, December 16, 2018

20 Prepper Christmas Gift Ideas

Some tried and true items for the preppers on your list...

  1. Darn tough socks (these have a lifetime warranty, are comfortable, and wear like iron)
  2. A puffy jacket (down jackets are really lightweight, super packable, and super warm)
  3. Contigo Insulated Travel mug (these don't leak and keep hot drinks hot and cold drinks cold for many hours)
  4. Guns (you can never have too many guns)
  5. Safety kits (a car safety kit, a good first aid kit, home safety kit which includes smoke detectors/CO detectors/fire extinguisher/etc)
  6. Cool tactical stuff (pens, flashlights, knives, etc)
  7. Portable solar battery charger (small and portable, these are great for emergency kits as well as outdoor enthusiasts)
  8. Gifts for active folks (activity tracker, PLB, an assortment of gels, YakTrax, etc)
  9. Gardening kits (for those inclined to garden)
  10. Home security items (door alarm, Ring doorbell, additional cameras for an already set up system, etc)
  11. A 72 hour survival kit for those who need one but don't have one (mylar blanket, matches, headlamp, food, gloves, poncho, mini first aid kit, etc)
  12. A tool set (a basic set of quality tools is great for anyone moving into their new place or someone who never has the right tool on hand)
  13. More expensive items for those in need (we got a gun safe for one of the kids when they moved into their own place some years ago, one son needed snow tires one year, a daughter wanted to fly all of her kids to her home for Christmas...if we know someone wants a specific item that would otherwise be hard for them to pay for we usually get it for them as a holiday gift)
  14. New hobby equipment for those who have mentioned wanting to do a particular activity (ie: a fishing pole for the grandkids, an inexpensive drone for first time drone users, knitting needles and yarn, etc)
  15. An experience (from tickets to Disneyland to a NOLS outdoor course, experiences last a lifetime and make great gifts)
  16. Pepper spray/bear spray (people may not think to get this for themselves unless it is an absolute necessity but it is always good to have these items on hand)
  17. Books (whether you go for actual books or Kindle books, helping someone put together a survival library is a great idea)
  18. Investment items (jewelry, silver coins, gold Krugerrands...physical items that hold their value and are unique make good gifts)
  19. Summer fun items which can be used in emergencies (BBQ grill, large cooler, tent, etc)
  20. When all else cards.

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