Tuesday, December 11, 2018

10 Resolutions for 2019

If you are the type to set big goals for yourself at the start of each new year, here are some items to consider for your list of new year resolutions:

  1. Money: pay off a specific debt or save a specific amount of money
  2. Physical fitness: complete a big fitness challenge like a marathon or even just a 5k
  3. Income: start a small side business or pick up a new client to increase your income
  4. Health: pick a current health challenge (weight, blood pressure, A1C, etc) and work to (naturally if possible) fix it
  5. Volunteer: pick a place to volunteer for or set a goal of a specific number of hours to volunteer for the year
  6. Learning experience: learn something new/big that you have always wanted to do (build your own solar system, take a NOLS course, etc)
  7. Family goal: set a goal you will achieve as a family (example here)
  8. Preparedness goal: see where your preparedness efforts are lacking and make it a goal to fix it
  9. Mental health: if social media is an issue stop it for a year and see what happens, if a toxic person is the issue figure out how to get away from them, for serious mental health issues figure out how to fix it (with adequate professional help)
  10. Home: pick monthly home improvement goals and complete one project a month

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