Monday, December 10, 2018

10 Business Security Tips

You know you have a business problem when nuns are able to steal hundreds of thousands of dollars and no one finds out for years.  This is by no means uncommon whether you are talking about clergy, businesses, non profits, kid's organization, et al.  If you have a business (or a non profit) or you work for a business and just want to CYA, here are some business security tips to keep everyone on the up and up:

  1. Every office should have a good set of fiscal control policies.
  2. Every company should have a social media policy too.
  3. Physical security of your work space and equipment is important.
  4. Depending on your business, executive protection may be needed.
  5. And don't forget insurance to cover all possible problems.
  6. Get (most) everything in writing.
  7. All businesses should have emergency preparedness and continuity plans.
  8. As well as a raft of other policies to cover a variety of workplace situations.
  9. Protect yourself from office politics.
  10. And avoid ransomware and other cyber attacks on your business.

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