Saturday, November 17, 2018

10 Things You Need This Week

Not trying to sound like a Buzzfeed article but...

  1. A face mask if you are in many places in California this week.
  2. A walk outside today (it's National Take a Hike Day today).
  3. A walk outside next Friday (it's #OptOutside day in lieu of Black Friday).
  4. Fortitude, I suppose, if you plan to shop Black Friday.
  5. Fast mousing skills for scooping up Cyber Monday deals.
  6. Cold weather gear if you happen to be going to New England for the holiday.
  7. Fortitude (and patience) if you will be traveling over the holiday.
  8. A healthy disregard for official narratives (especially in cases where "multiple blunt force injuries" equal suicide).
  9. Cool Tools (actually this is an interesting site to peruse just for the heck of it, also when looking for interesting and unusual holiday gifts).
  10. A crash course in archiving your important documents and photos (a good thing to do when you have extra free time around the holidays).

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