Sunday, November 4, 2018

10 Annual Subscriptions to Help With Your Prepping

There are several annual subscription services that can help you with your prepping:

  1. Amazon Prime.  Depending on how much you buy from Amazon, the free shipping alone that comes with Prime could cover your annual subscription cost.  There are several other Prime benefits such as free movies a la Netflix, free book downloads, and these other things.
  2. Costco.  Besides buying stuff in bulk, from food to medical supplies to outdoor gear, this membership comes with several other benefits as well.
  3. National Park Annual Pass.  If you visit national parks frequently, this annual membership (or if you are old enough, a one-time fee for a "forever" membership) will pay for itself in only a couple visits.  
  4. Sam's Club membership.  Similar to a Costco membership, you can buy a lot of stuff in bulk and receive these added benefits as well with a Sam's Club membership.
  5. AAA membership.  If you travel much, of even if you stick close to home but like the security of roadside assistance when needed, AAA offers a range of services to its members.
  6. Gym membership.  The most important part of your prepping is keeping yourself fit and healthy.  If you will use it on a regular basis, such a membership will be well worth the money.
  7. State park annual pass.  Again, if you will use it regularly, your state park system annual pass may be a great deal.  These often cover parking fees, park entrance fees, camping fees, etc.
  8. Family passes for local attractions.  These passes will keep the kids occupied, educated, and entertained for an entire year.
  9. AARP.  Once you hit 50 you don't need to find them, they will find you.  But an annual membership does include quite a few discounts and services which you may find useful.
  10. Netflix.  Besides its usefulness when it comes to entertainment, you may be able to skip cable TV all together and got with a Netflix subscription/internet/OTA antenna which could save you a great deal of money every month.

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