Thursday, October 11, 2018

What Would You Do In the Aftermath of a Disaster?

If your community looked like this after a disaster, what would you do?

  1. Hopefully you would have evacuated when told to do so.
  2. Hopefully you would have taken your fully stocked bug out bag.
  3. Institute your communication plan and let your loved ones know you are OK.  Also check in with the Red Cross and Facebook.
  4. Return when you are allowed back to your neighborhood to check and see if your home is still standing.
  5. Determine if there are any health or safety issues to address in your area.
  6. Video tape/photograph everything upon your return home.
  7. Check on the neighbors.
  8. Determine if you can stay at your home or need to live elsewhere.  Determine where "elsewhere" is if need be.
  9. Reestablish yourself in your home (if the power is out but you intend to stay, set up your alternate power source.  Ditto water, sewer, etc.  Make any needed temporary repairs, etc.).
  10. Ensure you have sufficient water, food, and other necessary items on hand.
  11. Plan for any security needs.
  12. Contact your insurance company and make a claim if needed.
  13. Also make a FEMA claim if this is an option.
  14. Find out what resources are available in your community (meal programs, shelter services, assistance with FEMA claims, etc.).
  15. Begin clean up if needed.
  16. Find out what the plan is for your job, the kid's school, etc.
  17. Document everything, save receipts, and be ready to prove any insurance/assistance claims you make.
  18. Limit what you share on social media.
  19. Pay attention to your own/your family member's health and wellness.  Take care of injuries/infections/illnesses immediately and pay particular attention to mental health issues after a disaster.
  20. Develop an action plan to go forward complete with a daily routine, daily "to do" lists, and keeping up with necessary tasks like bill paying, etc.

More resources here, here, and here.

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