Saturday, October 6, 2018

10 Things to Buy at the Goodwill

I like shopping at the Goodwill.  In fact, you will usually find me at one of our local Goodwill stores at least once a week.  There are plenty of good survival-type things to find there, usually at a steep discount compared to paying full retail.  Here are some things you may find there:

  1. Cast iron pans.  From skillets to Dutch ovens, you can find a lot of good cast iron items at most thrift stores.
  2. Clothing.  If you shop at a Goodwill near an upscale neighborhood you will find a lot of good quality, name brand clothes.  I've lost track of how many name brand items I've found there, from Nike and Reebok to Patagonia, Arc'teryx, and North Face.  And there are so many wool sweaters too.
  3. Electronics.  Most people will see a stack of old antennas, HAM enthusiasts will see a radical sale on all kinds of things they can use for their hobby.
  4. Storage containers.  I've found gas cans, water storage jugs, and all sorts of other plastic containers and buckets that would be useful in a disaster.
  5. Tools.  You have to get there as soon as the doors open to find good tools as many thrifting "pros" head straight for this section to scoop up great deals both to keep and to re-sell.
  6. Bicycles.  There is always a stack of bicycles in varying conditions at the Goodwill.  If you never really ride a bicycle but would like to have a cheap one on hand to use in the event of an emergency this is probably a good way to acquire one.
  7. Old fashioned items.  Taking up hobbies like sewing, knitting, candle making, beer brewing, etc. can be started cheaply and easily by buying these things at the Goodwill.  Even if you only brew one batch of beer then lose interest, you will not have invested a lot of money but still had the experience of the activity.
  8. Hardware items.  There are shelves and shelves of random items at most Goodwill stores.  Here you can find rope and wire, nails and screws, and in larger stores you can often find building supplies and materials too.
  9. Items for your home.  Need a waffle maker or barbecue grill, large pieces of art or bedding with the tags still on?  Checkout the Goodwill where you will find these items at a fraction of the price of the same items at Walmart or other department stores. 
  10. Buying in bulk.  Our Goodwill has an even cheaper way to purchase things and that is at their Clearance Center where they wheel out troughs of stuff that is all mixed together and you pay for the stuff by the pound instead of by the piece.  There are literally professional shoppers who show up at this store every day and sort through bins of stuff for hours on end in order to apparently re-sell or sell at swap meets.

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  1. This is my favorite store. I've been buying stuff at different GW stores for years. Great stuff and fantastic prices.