Thursday, August 30, 2018

How Does Your State Rank for Preparedness?

Looking at this state-by-state report on how prepared each state is for a natural disaster, mine gets a big ole F.  On the one hand, there isn't much you can do about extreme heat, on the other hand, our population is growing by leaps and bounds yet there seems to be very little concern with how to provide water to all of these people.  We are fortunate that we don't have the long list of vulnerable infrastructure that many other places have (old bridges that are crumbling, a major hurricane/tornado/earthquake risk, etc), but there are obviously going to be some pretty big problems here in the future, especially in regards to water.  Looking at the information presented in the map should make each one of us determine if the risk is worth it to live where we live and, if we decide to stay, what steps we can take to mitigate some of the problems pointed out in the study.


  1. This stuff seems to be arbitrarily looks like they are only assessing the proposed risks from climate change. Based on what I know of the geography and hydrology of the state, there is little chance of drought nor wildfire in the next 30 years.

    And as far as sea level rise, Louisiana has a much greater threat from land subsistence and erosion in the near-term than sea level rise.

    1. I agree. Somehow California got an A rating which seems unfathomable looking at the overall state of the potential natural disasters in the state.