Monday, August 20, 2018

How Do I Start Prepping?

That's a common questions from new preppers who realize a disaster may not that far off, judging by the evening news.  If you are completely new to prepping here is where you should start:

  1. Your health.  Prepping starts with you and if you can't climb a set of stairs do to poor diet or exercise habits, you need to hop on the health bandwagon immediately.  Basic exercising and cutting out all junk food is the place to start.
  2. Your money.  Get out of debt ASAP, start saving money so you will have an emergency fund, and start looking for ways to increase the number of income streams coming into your bank account.
  3. Your necessities.  You need food, water, toilet paper, flashlights, and a bunch of other stuff to weather a basic disaster.  While you don't have to run out and spend an entire paycheck on disaster supplies, make a plan to buy a few supplies every week to add to your collection.  Eventually you will be fully stocked for a disaster.  Be sure to rotate perishable stuff like food and water into your pantry so the stored stuff doesn't go bad.
  4. Your skills.  Can you do basic first aid stuff?  Can you (safely) start a fire?  Can you camp overnight in the wilderness without freaking out/getting lost/hurting yourself?  Can you grow your own food?
  5. Your knowledge.  Research the disasters most common to your area and find out how to prepare for them, check out classes and volunteer opportunities in your community that will enhance your preparedness/survival skills. read and watch survival/preparedness articles and video to help increase your prepping knowledge.

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