Sunday, August 5, 2018

Daily Preparedness Tip: Use One-Way Screws on Your Exterior Surveillance Cameras

A little while back a local apartment building was featured on the news because their surveillance cameras showed someone...stealing their surveillance cameras.  The guy walked up with a short ladder and an electric screwdriver and walked away with a handful of cameras.  I believe he then went on to burglarize some of the apartments as well.  If you are installing exterior surveillance cameras, use one-way screws to ensure that this sort of thing won't happen to you.  These sorts of screws are also used on security doors and any other place you wouldn't want people to be able to easily remove the screws and access the secured area.  Note that these screws are't infallible as there are kits that allow people to remove one-way screws but for crimes of opportunity these can act as a deterrent.

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