Tuesday, August 7, 2018

20 Items Your College Student Needs for Back to School

Here are 20 items to send with your college student when they head back to the dorms...

  1. Condoms (with the admonishment to not get knocked up/knock someone up)
  2. Flashlight and spare batteries (a smallish Maglight is a good choice)
  3. Portable charger (I like Anker powercore for keeping electronics charged)
  4. First aid kit (your student will probably roll their eye but will be happy to have this item when it is needed)
  5. A multi tool or pocketknife (pocketknives may not be allowed, a multi tool usually is)
  6. A food stash (granola bars, packets of soup mix and oatmeal, candy, etc)
  7. Mace (if allowed, good when they are walking alone on campus)
  8. Insulated hot/cold bottle (I like Contigo bottles)
  9. Cash (which should only be used for emergencies...who knows if it will be used for this though)
  10. Digital copies (of birth certificate, driver's license, passport, emergency contact info for family members, etc)
  11. A mini survival kit (emergency blanket, water purifier tablets, matches, small candle, N95 mask, waterless hand sanitizer, paracord, whistle, etc)
  12. Food prep stuff (titanium spork, coffee mug, can opener, etc)
  13. Pocket weather radio (if they will be in a location subject to tornadoes/hurricanes/etc)
  14. 90 day supply of prescription/OTC medications
  15. Big packets of Wet Wipes
  16. Basic tool set (hammer, screwdrivers, pliers, etc)
  17. Sewing kit (to make their own clothing repairs)
  18. Sleep mask and ear plugs (if they will be sharing a room)
  19. Compact personal safe that can be tethered to a bed or other stationary object (example)
  20. Knowledge (the most important item--they should already be trained in first aid, shelter making, cooking, camping, etc)

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