Monday, August 27, 2018

10 Fall Food Tips

It's harvest time which means food!  Here are ten things to do in the upcoming weeks:

  1. Learn how to preserve food (canning, making jam, drying, etc).  There are literally thousands of YouTube videos and other websites to teach you how to do this.
  2. Ask around in your local FB and other social media groups for opportunities to glean farmer's fields for some free/cheap produce.
  3. Get your garden ready for fall/winter.
  4. Forage for wild edibles (the last of the berry season, fall mushrooms, etc).
  5. Get ready for fall hunting season if you are a hunter.
  6. Consider planting a late fall/winter garden if this is possible in your area.
  7. Check the food in your BOB, as well as your main food stockpile, and rotate/replace items that are near expiring.
  8. Take the family to a u-pick farm for apples and later pumpkins if you don't grow these items yourself.
  9. Stock up on staples during the upcoming holiday months (turkeys, baking supplies like four and sugar go on sale during the holidays.
  10. Set a cooking goal--like cooking all of your meals at home for a week or even a month or taking your lunch to work/school for an entire month--this fall.  This will improve your cooking skills, save you money, and probably improve your health as well.

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