Sunday, July 1, 2018

Don't Talk to the Police

This video on why you should not talk to the police should be required viewing by everyone.  There was a case a while back that I can not find online (I'm sure it's there somewhere but I don't remember the names/location of the event) but it went something like adult son, mother and father were home one evening, father was shot to death, mother and son didn't talk to the police about the event at all and instead immediately lawyered up, and they both walked.  It was so memorable because someone in the house shot the guy but because the other two people in the house did nothing at all to incriminate themselves they got off (I'm sure there were more details than that but the salient point was that neither ended up charged or going to trial which was rather shocking considering the circumstances).  Anyway, the best way to not have your words used against you in a court of law is to give the prosecutor absolutely nothing to work with.

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