Tuesday, July 17, 2018

12 Evacuation Questions

There was an explosion at a gas plant in Texas today which caused mandatory evacuations in the neighboring towns.  Imagine if this happened in your area, would you...

  1. Have bug out bags pre-packed and ready to go for each family member?
  2. Have a plan to quickly secure your home from looters as well as notify responders that the home has been evacuated?
  3. Be able to evacuate the house with the entire family (and pets) within minutes of receiving notice of the mandatory evacuation order?
  4. Be able to evacuate everyone in the home and meet up with family members who weren't at home in a predetermined spot?
  5. Have a place to evacuate to?
  6. Have several ways to evacuate if the main roads near your home were closed?
  7. Have a full tank of gas for your evacuation vehicle?
  8. Have the cash/credit card on hand to pay for a few days or more stay at a hotel (including meals out, etc)?
  9. Know where evacuation shelters are located if hotels are overbooked?
  10. Have a way to communicate to worried family members that you are OK and where you have evacuated to?
  11. Have a way to continue: working, paying bills, receiving medical care, etc.
  12. Know when it is safe to return to your home?

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