Friday, July 6, 2018

10 Random Things

In no particular order...

  1. Congrats to those who have made it past the halfway mark on the major long trails in the US (AT, PCT, CDT).  A buddy set out on the Appalachian Trail and is well on his way to Maine as I type this.
  2. a bullet works.
  3. Also interesting...a live-action, role-playing summer camp for adults with an apocalypse theme.
  4. A giant list of military discounts for 2018.
  5. In our list of disasters either taking place or soon to happen in the desert southwest: monsoons, haboobs, extreme heat, and wildfires.
  6. In other weather news, the first hurricane of the season is heading toward the east coast.
  7. The World Series of Poker is winding down with 3000+/- people left in the main event.  
  8. In some sad news, the Old Man of Pawn Stars fame died last week.  RIP Richard Harrison.
  9. Like most of the world, the fate of the kids stranded in the cave in Thailand has had me glued to the news recently.
  10. FYI--how to treat nerve agent poisoning.

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