Tuesday, July 31, 2018

10 Prepper Items for Guests

We live in Las Vegas so needless to say we get A LOT of guests coming to visit.  Here are ten items I always have on hand to give our guests:

  1. A power bank.  They cost less than $10 and people who come to visit usually use their cell phones so much while they are here that they are forever looking for an outlet to recharge their battery so I hand them one of these and they are back on their way.
  2. Bottled water.  We keep cases of bottled water on hand and always have guests take a bottle when they head out for the day.
  3. Sunscreen.  I'm always surprised that people will come here with no sunscreen but figure they can walk the Strip for hours and somehow not end up burnt to a crisp.  We keep lots of travel-sized tubes of sunscreen on hand to give to our guests.
  4. Cheap daypacks.  These daypacks from Ikea ($4) are cheap and infinitely useful for our guests.  They can carry their sunscreen, bottled water, and other gear with them very easily in these packs.
  5. Granola bars.  Walking around Las Vegas can burn a lot of calories and food on the Strip isn't cheap so unless people are intending to go out for lunch or dinner, a granola bar can tide them over until their next meal.
  6. Handiwipes.  Vegas is a germy place so keeping Handiwipes at the ready is a great idea.  Plus these are less messy than liquid hand sanitizer.
  7. Ear buds.  People are forever losing their ear buds and the entire world doesn't want to hear what you are listening to on your cell phone so these are good to have on hand as well.
  8. Packet of tissue.  Oddly enough there are a lot of allergens in the air here so having a packet of tissue in your day bag is another good-to-have item.
  9. Sunglasses.  Sunglasses are pretty much a necessity here yet people who come from colder, grayer climes may not think to bring these so we have several extra pair on hand.
  10. Flip flops.  Again, flip flops are cheap and a good item to have on hand as people can use them when they go to the pool or when women want to get out of their heels.

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