Thursday, July 19, 2018

10 How-Not-To-Die Tips

There are a lot of basic "if you do this you will probably die" situations that, surprisingly, a lot of younger people these days don't know about.  Here are some basic safety tips to keep you alive:

  1. Don't start a bbq grill/campfire/bonfire with gasoline.  (pertinent video)
  2. Don't mix ammonia and bleach together in any fashion and don't mix products that contain these items together either. (it basically makes a toxic chlorine gas)
  3. Don't use a generator/bbq grill/other combustion appliance indoors.  (you could die from carbon monoxide poisoning)
  4. Don't jump off a boat or swim far out from shore in cold water.  (cold water shock is a common cause of drowning)
  5. Don't be caught in high heat where you can't cool off.  (it's fairly easy to die from heat exhaustion)
  6. Don't point a gun at anything/anyone you don't want to kill. (whatever a gun is being actively pointed at is at risk for death)
  7. Do "stop the bleed".  (the most common cause of preventable death after injury is hemorrhage)
  8. Do learn how to prevent/extinguish a variety of fires.  (there are actually different ways to deal with different fires)
  9. Do make sure your smoke detectors work.  (smoke inhalation kills a lot of people, not the actual fire itself)
  10. Do eat right and exercise.  (by far the most common causes of death in the US are health-related)

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