Saturday, June 23, 2018

When on Vacation...You Still Need to Be Prepared

This article popped up on my feedreader this afternoon about a water emergency over in Laughlin, Nevada.  Laughlin is a small tourist town about an hour and a half from Las Vegas on the Colorado River.  Seeing as how there is no water in the entire town, it is 110+ degrees there today, that it is a busy weekend, that there are tourists everywhere, and that the people on the Laughlin Facebook page are freaking out about the situation, it serves as a good reminder that even if you are on vacation and assume that your hotel will be able to take care of you with the basics like food and water, that may not be the case in an emergency.

We make it a habit as soon as we check into a hotel (or on the way there), to stop by a store along the way to pick up a case of water and basic food stuff.  You never know if or when an emergency will happen, like the water emergency in Laughlin, and you could find yourself without even the most basic of sustenance like water of food for a prolonged period.  Disasters, whether man-made or of the natural sort, can leave tourists in a bind because they are away from their home where they have their preps and the local hotel/stores/cruise ship/etc. may run completely out of water/food/electricity/etc. causing a crisis for everyone involved.

Next time you go on vacation be a bit proactive and make up a mini stock of preps in your hotel room/cruise ship room to tide you through any disaster that may strike.

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