Sunday, June 24, 2018

Focus on General Preparedness

When you are thinking about preparedness, please turn off the news first.  If you listen to (and try to prepare for) every hot button topic that comes across social media you will be running around like a chicken with its head cut off.  Most viral news takes one small incident and blows it up to exaggerated proportions.  You know how many unarmed black males were killed by police in 2017?  19.  Listening to the news would make you think this number was in the thousands.  Ditto many other situations (road rage incidents, mass shootings, volcanic eruptions, etc).

If you really want to be prepared for whatever may happen to you specifically, do your own research.  Find out what the leading causes of death are overall, what the leading causes of death for your state are, what are the most common natural disasters in your area, if a hazard identification/vulnerability assessment has been conducted for your city/state, etc. 

You want to focus your preparedness activities on things that will be most valuable to you/your area specifically, not on things that have a .000001% chance of happening (ie: if you live in the middle of nowhere, the possibility of a chemical attack which would require a gas mask are about nil whereas if you live in the Great Plains you would do well to be prepared for tornado activity).  Overall general preparedness will be much more useful than focusing all of your efforts--and money--on preparing for a Zombie apocalypse.

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