Monday, June 18, 2018

Daily Preparedness Tip: Keep Up With Your Medical and Dental Care

A common question on many prepper boards is "what do I do for medical or dental care after a SHTF event?"  Obviously if you are injured in said event, you will need to seek medical care however possible that may be.  But for run of the mill medical or dental issues, consider that many problems after a SHTF event can be averted simply by taking care of your medical and dental health before said event.  By getting your teeth cleaned every six months and problems fixed when they are small (ie: getting a filling instead of waiting until you need a root canal and crown), the probability of needing major dental work right after a SHTF event will be very low.  Ditto medical issues that you can fix but tend to put off (ie: lose weight, stay fit, eat healthy, lower your blood pressure and blood glucose levels naturally, etc).


  1. Another thing to add to this is Lasix. It's not considered essential and some insurance won't cover it but it has come down in price considerably the last 10 years. If you can afford it now it will pay off in a SHTF situation. After a disaster, if your glasses break or you can't buy new contacts, being blind will only add to the challanges of your post-SHTF situation. Correcting your eyesite via Lasix will elimate one area of medical concern you will have to worry about.

    1. Good comment--everyone I know who has had LASIK surgery to improve their vision commented that they should have had it done sooner.