Monday, June 11, 2018

Automation is Coming...Are You Prepared?

The warning signs are all around us but not many people are equating the automation that is slowly taking over our world to the massive loss of jobs on the horizon.  I was at a McDonalds today and saw one girl working the cash register looking rather bored while nearly every customer who entered the restaurant went straight to order from the brightly lit kiosk.  According to this recent article, America is unprepared for the looming automation apocalypse.  Read some interesting comments on the article here.

If you are old and retired like me this won't be as big a deal (and frankly when I can get in a car, say my destination, then kick back and read until I arrive that will be a very good day indeed), but if you are just starting out in the working work or are mid career, this could be a very big deal.

There has never been a time in human history when people could not go out and find work to physically do to earn money.  But with automation, simple jobs that don't require highly technical skills will be harder and harder to find.  Something as simple as harvesting vegetables (basic farm work that any unskilled person who didn't even need to speak English could do, has now been replaced with machinery).

How is your current career field looking in regards to automation?  Nearly everywhere I go, especially in Las Vegas, I see jobs that can easily be automated.  Do you think your job will exist in five years?  Ten years?  Twenty years?  If it looks like a robot will soon be taking your job, what are you doing now to prepare for that eventuality?  Here is an article about the most and lest likely jobs to soon be automated. 

Take some time now to create a plan to #1 eradicate your debt (including the house and car), #2 bulk up your savings and investments, and #3 determine what field of work you can move towards that will be least likely to be taken over by technology in the near future.

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